Custom Standing Desks

The benefits of having your own standing work desk are countless, from living longer, being more productive to possibly detering cancer; standing at work is an all around win-win situation. Interested in your own? Contact G & S Metalworx today for your very own custom standing work stations/desk!

Splitting Logs Left and Right

Did you know that we can not only repair but also install new axles on basically anything. This week we repaired the front axle and installed a new back axle on a log splitter for a local lumberjack. Have something that need some axle work? We’re up for the challenge. Just axe (ask) 😉  

Custom Stainless Work

G & S Metalworx may be new to Wilmington’s “Metal Fabrication Scene”  but is quickly establishing ourselves as your go-to quality, precision oriented custom fabrication shop! Whether your custom project utilizes stainless steel, aluminum, or steel, G & S Metalworx can work with you to produce the best product for your individual needs. From concept to reality, if your project demands the long lasting quality of an American made, custom stainless steel application, why settle for anything less? Contact us today for all your custom metal fabrication needs!